Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018: Five Minutes With St Louis Van Honsebrouck Brewery

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You will be part of Capital Craft Beer Festival next month. What are your expectations for the event?
As every year we are excited to be part of Capital Craft Beer Festival! Expectations are good fun and to keep the Kriek flowing. In that order…
What kind of products will you have on sale at the event, that customers can look forward to?​
We will be running the St Louis Premium Kriek which is a cherry beer and an all around favorite.
Are there any flavour combinations you’d still like to try?​
We also have a Peach and Raspberry flavour in our range but currently only in bottles. These are available at the Capital Craft bars in both Menlo Park and Centurion.
What made you decide to enter the brewing business?​
The brewery has been in existence since 1811 and been passed on from generation to generation. I am the seventh brewer in the Van Honsebrouck family, the fourth to wield the mashing stick and the second one who only produces specialty beers.