Capital Craft Beer Fest 2019: Catching up with Clarens Brewery

Our countdown to Capital Craft Beer Fest 2019 on 15 June reaches its climax! Our final chat is with Clarens Brewery, a festival favourite.

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You will be part of Capital Craft Beer Festival this weekend. What are your expectations for the event?

This is always one of the highlights in the craft beer festival scene!  The brewers list is exceptional as always so we’re looking forward to tasting some new creations as well as quaffing some long-time favourites.  The PTA humans are always fun, so we’re looking forward to an awesome vibe. It’s such a great day out for everyone.

Are there any artists at the event that you’re excited to watch?

The line-up is amazing, but Mango Groove is sure to be a jol.

What kind of products will you have on sale at the event, that customers can look forward to?

We have some of our stalwarts such as the Hazelnut Ale, the Blonde and the Red Ale but we’ve also brewed a festival special Brutus Festus Brut IPA.  On the cider side we have a new cider flavour, Litchi, that we’re bringing with our Thrilla-Dilla granadilla cider. On the G+T front we’re excited to launch our new Elderflower G+T to complement our Pineapple G+T and our Brambleberry G+T.

Which of your brews is a real customer favourite?

Thanks to the Capital Craft Beer Academy, our Hazelnut Infused Ale has a great following in PTA.

Are there any flavour combinations you’d still like to try?

Going into winter we’re looking at the bourbon and vanilla infused darker beers.

What made you decide to enter the brewing business?

The love of great beer! And the love of brewing! It’s the best hobby-turned-career on the planet.

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