Capital Craft Beer Fest 2019: A quick chat with Devil’s Peak brewers

Our countdown to Capital Craft Beer Fest 2019 on 15 June continues – we had a quick chat with Devil’s Peak brewers about this iconic Pretoria fest!

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You will be part of Capital Craft Beer Festival this weekend. What are your expectations for the event?
Capital Craft Beer Festival has time and again proven to be one of the best if not the best beer festival in the country. People come out in their thousands.

Are there any artists at the event that you’re excited to watch?
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of their very 1st album this year, Mango Groove will certainly be a favourite. Their hits very much represents part of the soundtrack of South Africa over the past 3 decades and we look forward to hearing some of the old favourites.

What kind of products will you have on sale at the event that customers can look forward to?
Devil’s Peak is presenting a line-up of old favourites and new innovation intended to capture the essence of the South African beer landscape. We will be celebrating our Devil’s Peak lager and golden ale as part of the Devil’s Peak stand and not only have our non-alcoholic Zero to Hero on offer, but also introduce a second variant in the non-alcoholic space called Zero to Hero Twist of Citrus. Within the Afrofunk offering we will be presenting unique one-off beers and the king itself, King’s Blockhouse.

Which of your brews is a real customer favourite?
Our Devil’s Peak Lager has really become a household name and must-have beer in your fridge, but we are also very excited about the popularity of our non-alcoholic Zero to Hero beer.

Are there any flavour combinations you’d still like to try?
Considering that we are introducing Zero to Hero Twist of Citrus at the festival for the 1st time, we are excited to hear what people have to say.

What made you decide to enter the brewing business?
We wanted to challenge the one dimensional beer landscape and the conventions surrounding what great beer is. For us it was the point at which beer became exciting and interesting once again.


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