Capital Craft Beer Fest 2018 in review

Zwakala Brewery. Image provided.

On 16 June 2018, the weather was perfect for a day dedicated to the celebration of good music and most importantly, good beer. The warm winter sun baked down on Pretoria as we geared up for a day of carefree merrymaking.

After doing the rounds at some of the breweries who had their beers for sale, we were enamoured with the memorable taste of beers from Zwakala brewery and Little Wolf Brewery, as well as Standeaven, Mad Giant and Devil’s Peak.

The music on the day was equally top class, and with the festival layout being changed up so that some of the fest’s more popular breweries were dotted around the various music stages, it meant that everyone could get a taste of what the craft brewers had on offer, which also translated into improved sales for the brewers. We also have to give a shout-out to some of the fabulous food vendors, including the Panini Bistro, Brohemian Pizza and Pink Waffle Cabin.

Among some of our favourite musical acts on the day included local music mainstays such as Bad Peter, Black Cat Bones, Retro Dizzy and Spoegwolf. However there were also other great acts we were excited to see, like African Rhythm Productions and Roxton met Herki. The comedy stage and Firestone Karaoke Kombis also made for great additions to the day’s entertainment.

Overall, Capital Craft Beer Fest is, was, and hopefully will continue to be, a great way to warm up the winter.