Capital Craft Beer Fest 2018: Chatting to Little Wolf Brewery, Old Potters Brewery and Zwakala Brewery

Little Wolf Brewery. Image provided.

Capital Craft Beer Fest 2018 is fast approaching, and we had the opportunity to chat to even more brewers ahead of the event on 16 June:

You will be part of Capital Craft Beer Festival next month. What are your expectations for the event?
Little Wolf Brewery: Expecting loads of people and lots of fun! I can’t wait to touch base with fans (new and old) of Little Wolf. I haven’t had much time up in Gauteng so every opportunity it a great one to chat beer and introduce new people to what we do.

Old Potters Brewery: Our expectations are just HUUUUGE. We have heard only good things from our fellow brewers and I cannot wait to get our little coun​try brewery up to Pretoria. We love Pretoria and the Pretorians!

Zwakala Brewery: It’s our first time going so we know that we are going to be blown away! I am sure the festival will be next level.

Old Potters Brewery. Image provided.

Are there any artists at the event that you’re excited to watch?
Little Wolf Brewery: The BLACK CAT BONES are pretty funky and rad to watch live.

Old Potters Brewery: Very excited to see Crimson House – heard lots of good things​.

Zwakala Brewery: DBN Gogo for the dancing & Kombi Kareokee for the singing!

What kind of products will you have on sale at the event, that customers can look forward to?
Little Wolf Brewery: Our regulars, Hoppy Wheat, Hibiscus Cider and Virgin Cider as well as one or two specialty drinks. You’ll have to keep an eye out on @LittleWolfBeer to find out what 😉

Old Potters Brewery: We will have our usual range (Pale Ale, Amber Ale, IPA and Saison and our special “Grannydilla Sour” and a Honey Porter collab we are doing with Just Brewers​.

Zwakala Brewery: We recently brewed our Mango IPA that is bursting with Limpopo sub-tropical flavour.

Which of your brews is a real customer favourite?
Little Wolf Brewery: Hoppy Wheat! It’s just super delicious and sessionable. Can have pint after pint without getting tired of it.

Old Potters Brewery: Our Flower Child IPA – on the lower range of the bitterness side of IPA’s but oh so very fragrant! Fresh cut flowers, tropical fruits on the nose​.

Zwakala Brewery: The Weekend Special! It’s a Belgium witbier and IPA hybrid and contains 7 different types of hops, 4 kilograms of lemongrass, & is made with quality mountain water.

Zwakala Brewery. Image provided.

Are there any flavour combinations you’d still like to try?
Little Wolf Brewery: So many! We live in such a diverse and beautiful country and there are so many flavour combos we haven’t even thought of yet! Really starting to get into foraging and using local botanicals in our drinks. Oh, and sour beers are always top of the list!

Old Potters Brewery: Many many many – would like to become more adept with sours.

Zwakala Brewery: We are working out a recipe for a Macadamia Nut Porter. We brew in Magoebaskloof – a cold mountain area – and it would be the perfect brew for our winter.

What made you decide to enter the brewing business?
Little Wolf Brewery: I bought myself a homebrew kit and loved the intersection of art and science. Volunteering at a few breweries when I was in Vancouver, Canada also showed me what the business of brewing was all about, and I loved what I saw. The rest … is history.

Old Potters Brewery: I was a homebrewer and the dream to go commercial was there from the start. When we saw how beautiful Greyton was, it became inevitable to set up there.

Zwakala Brewery: For the love of beer! South Africans are passionate about their country, their braais, and … their beer! I come from a family that genuinely just loves socializing and we live by the motto “the more the merrier”. This energy has now been transformed into some delicious brews. And I love the fact that craft beer tells your story in a fun way. Some of our beers have been inspired by parties (The Weekend Special) , others by local hero’s (The Upside Down Baobab Weiss) – and I think people appreciate those small details when tasting the beer. I’m passionate about the craft beer scene – there is still so much to explore and so much room for our growth in the coming year. To run a start-up is also challenging and that is constantly driving to me to find new ways to do things or collaborate with others to ensure that we always deliver on quality and vibes!