Blood Brothers 2018: Chatting to Jaco Mans

Photo by Andre Badenhorst.

Jaco Mans will once again be joining the impressive Blood Brothers 2018 team this weekend in Cape Town and on 29 Sept. in Pretoria. We chatted to him ahead of the concerts to find out more about this year’s Blood Brothers events.

This September, you’ll be joining the Blood Brothers crew once again for performances in Pretoria and Cape Town. What are your expectations for the event?

I’m looking frward to this years Blood Brothers, a lot of my friends and family will be there and of course it’s such a huge pleasure sharing the stage with other members.

How have you experienced working with all the new additions to the Blood Brothers team?

So far so good, the Blood Brothers team and the musicians have all been in the industry for years, really easy people to work with, And the rehearsals are going smooth thanks to music director Chris Van Der Walt.

You’ve also been working with the Blood Brothers team on a new #BB2018 song. What can fans expect from the track?

I love the new track, its’ difficult to write a track to accommodate so many different singers with different styles, I think it really suits everybody.

How do you prepare to form part of a mass band like Blood Brothers?

Well I just practice when I can.

How do you prepare for live sets in general?

First I listen to the songs in my car or wherever I can, then I figureout the songs and make notes or write a chart, and then its just practice till you don’t need to read it anymore…easy.

You’ve dabbled in many genres over the years. Is there any genre in particular that you enjoy most?

That is the most difficult question, the genre I prefer changes from day to day, I just came back from a live performance with Die See, so I’m currently feeling very weird and at the same time very happy.