Bittereinder: looking ahead to the Dustbowl

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Bittereinder have been kletsrym-ing their way into our hearts for many years now, and after taking a break from Oppikoppi in 2015, the trio is back again this year. We spoke to them about their Koppi set, YouTube success and the Tutueinder WhatsApp group.

You’ve recently worked with comedians like Melt Sieberhagen and Schalk Bezuidenhout for the Magtag! Comedy show. How did you find this experience?

Magtag! was amazing – the new face of alternative Afrikaans stand-up comedy. We’ve worked with Schalk and Melt before, was lovely to work with a few new comics too. Props to John Vlismas and the Whacked! team for the vision, I think Magtag! is going to become a proper force in the near future. Afrikaans needs Magtag!

What can fans expect from your Koppi set this year?

Koppi is the highlight of every year for us. We let our theatrical imaginations have free reign with the Koppi sets, and we always enjoy experimenting and adding elements to an Oppi show that we don’t do anywhere else. This year will be no different, but we’re not giving anything away just yet…although it will be the first time that we play songs from all four Bittereinder albums on the Oppi stage.

Do you have any personal expectations for your Koppi performance?

We want to top the 2013 experience. And we want to burst ribcages, especially for the real bittereinders who were there for our 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 sets. We’ve rested for a year and we’re ready to go really big.

Which artists are you looking forward to seeing at Oppikoppi this year?

So many. Oppi is always the best showcase of alternative SA music, so many legendary moments in the dust. We’re excited about our friends from Academie playing their first Oppi set. And it’s always awesome to plan acts on the schedule and also allow room to freestyle between a few stages and discover new acts.

Your video for “Kwaad Naas” has recently reached 100k views. What was your reaction to this?

In a lovely bit of synchronicity that moment occurred in the exact same week that Desmond & the Tutus also cracked their first 100K video for “Peter”, so there was much merriment in the Tutueinder WhatsApp group. By “much merriment” I mean that 2 congratulatory texts were sent, followed by 5 derogatory remarks and 3 vile memes, whereupon life continued exactly as it had before.

Listen to their track “Die Mes” below: