Bed on Bricks to play alongside Crash Test Dummies in SA

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Local rock mainstays Bed on Bricks will be joining Canadian rock band Crash Test Dummies when they head to Hillcrest Quarry in Cape Town on 17 February and the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens on 18 February. We had a quick chat with Bed on Bricks before the event.
You’ll soon be performing alongside the legendary Crash Test Dummies when to come to SA. What are your expectations for this experience?
We’re super excited about these shows. Apart from sharing the stage with CTD, we are stoked to be part of a great line-up. We also haven’t been up to Jhb in a few years and really look forward to playing there again.
What kind of vibe can the crowd expect during your set at these events?
High energy funk!
Do you have a favourite Crash Test Dummies song?
“Mmm mmm mmm” 🙂
Which songs do you most enjoy performing live?
Most of our songs are written to be played live and we see the whole set as one eclectic, energetic experience that kind of morphs into one big blur.
After a busy 2017, does the band have anything exciting in the pipeline for 2018?
Ja, we’re currently recording again, which is exciting. We’ll see where that takes us.
The band has been in the industry for many years. How would you say the band’s sound has grown or evolved throughout the years?
We are still interested in the musical elements that were interesting to us when we started, but our mutual and individual perspectives of music and life in general have of course developed. Basically, the funky parts are now funkier and the rocky parts rockier!