BCUC set to make A Place in the Sun even brighter

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Image provided.

You’ve released a new project called Our Truth very recently. How would you describe the release?

It was a lot of work.  It took 9 months to complete that includes the business of being signed by a record label for the first time in our lives.  We also achieved one of our biggest goals to press a vinyl record so far it is doing better than we thought.  For now we are in cloud nine, we made two amazing songs and a 6 minute skit, so far so good.

The cover art for this release is very eye-catching. Where did the inspiration for it come from?

Antoine Rajon came with an idea of making a colourful artwork that includes the people that work the economy of this country.  We decided on adding these characters as homage to the drivers of our economy.

You’ll be touring with Adventure Man and My Baby this December. How will you be preparing for the tour?

We will be touring with My Baby and Adventure Man in South Africa this December.  So we do not need to prepare for this tour as such because we are already in the midst of a gang of shows until the end of November.  Then we tour France till mid December.  We will rest for almost a week then tour with My Baby till the end of the year.  For us it feels like the tour has already begun.

You’ve also announced that you’ve been signed in France. How did you react when you heard this news?

Obviously we were excited.  Firstly for a band like us, the significance of being signed by an international label is major.  Also we didn’t concentrate on the money that comes with the deal, what is important for us is that our music will be available worldwide not only digitally but physical copies will be available, worldwide.  Lastly we are part of a family that prides itself with placing its artists first and they plant their artists in festivals all over the world.   We are very , very happy about it.

This November, you’ll be performing at A Place in The Sun, a very new festival. What are your expectations your set there?

At A Place In The Sun, we are sharing a set with the monster called, the legendary Black Cat Bones.  When we started playing in the South African circuit we used to dream of being in the same line up with The Black Cat Bones.  So sharing a set with our dream band is beyond a dream come true.  Our styles are so different it’s unquestionable, but our approach and the love of performing is so similar it is unquestionable.  We are looking forward to having fun and crafting while we combine both our stage antics.  That right there is a recipe for a killer show.  Did we mention that they are unapologetically Afrikaans and generally lekker mense. It’s going down!

Do you have any expectations for the festival itself?

No there are no expectations, except that it is the first year, there will be growing pains but because the line-up is so relevant and all the bands that are playing are currently at their peak form and everything else will just be extra.



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