Elmarie Kruger

INTERVIEW: Cockles releases new album

30 November 2018 saw the release of  Cockles’ debut album, The World’s Best Narcissist. The brainchild of Shortstraw frontman Alastair Thomas, the album comes after the release of two singles – ‘Joshin’ Around’ and ‘Narcissist’… Continue reading

REVIEW: Emerger – Bloom

Alt-pop twopiece Emerger have recently released their debut album, Bloom. The duo draws their inspiration from a wide variety of sources, which is clear to see when listening to their first musical offering.

The album opens with “Hindsight”, an upbeat… Continue reading

REVIEW: Straatligkinders: Verdwyn


Reviewer: Ashton Kirsten

Straatligkinders have recently delivered their new album, Verdwyn, and while their heavier sound has been tweaked, their new album makes for easy listening that retains the band’s unmistakable essence. Inspired by time, the album marks… Continue reading