Artist profile: Luka 120

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Originally hailing from Magau village, rapper Luka 120 has been actively working as a musician since 2013. After having released successful albums such as Break Up Music Vol 1 & 2, the rapper has been signed with US label World Movement Records and has released a track with Lamario Star titled “50 On My Wrist”. We caught up with this up-and-comer to chat about his musical journey so far.


How did you start making music?
Back in 2013 I was in the studio [at] Lee records with my producer master Lee. So, this guy was about to do a remix to a song call “Bona Remix” and I was the only options [to write words to the track], so I did my best and the song became the best in my area [of Saulsville]. Today I am proud to announce that I am signed to a Los Angeles label called World Movement Records.

What inspires your music-making process?

Some great songs come when I am sleeping at night and I would wake up and record some voice notes on my phone. I did a lot of music [like that] from Break Up Music Vol 1 and 2 from 2013 to 2016. I’ve just released my [new] album Masakona and my first mixtape, Get Married or Die Tryin’ with World Movement Records. Local music makes me want to do more music. Listening to all kinds of music makes me write good music and advice from my mother Sophy and my sister Millicent and brothers – they motivate me to write good music.

Which other artists inspire you?
My boss Lamont and my manager Cary from World Movement. [They] always tell me to focus and all will be well. Diddy, Jay Z, DJ S’bu, Black Coffee [and] upcoming artists inspire me a lot. I [also] just did a song with Lamario Star of Cash Money Rich Gang called “50 On My Wrist”.

How would you describe your music to those who have not heard it yet?

I do hip hop, break up music [and] I add some venrap music. I did a lot of American and Mexican collaborations with 17 American rappers.