Alexandra May releases debut EP

Photo: Kat Grudko

Photo: Kat Grudko

Rising local star Alexandra May released her debut EP, One on 9 September. “I want to inspire and encourage people with my music. I believe that each of the songs on my EP may do that. Whether it gives someone the guts to tell someone how they feel about them, or gives them a moment to cry and let their feelings out,” says the singer. We spoke to May about the release.

You recently released you debut single “Amazing” – what do you think influenced and inspired the overall sound of the track?

I wanted the sound to be a fun, happy song for people to sing along to.  I’m also influenced by retro things.  The brass in the song is a great representation of my love for retro.

You released your new EP, One, recently. Is “Amazing” a good indicator of what listeners can expect from the rest of your EP?

“Amazing” is definitely a part of who I am and I want my music reflect that.  The other songs on the EP will be of a similar vibe – pop – but will speak of different dimensions that mean a lot to me and show other aspects of who I am. As this journey continues I find that the music helps me find [myself] too!

Have there been any standout moments during the recording process of your EP?

I find that when a song means a lot to me, it sits well within me.  I had this feeling for what may be my next single release.   When I went into record the final vocals in studio I felt it was easy and enjoyable, and it just flowed!

Do you have a personal favourite track from the EP?

Of course I love all the tracks on the EP.  They all mean so much to me.  But one of my fab favourites is “Breathe”.  It’s a song that is extremely personal to me.

Can we expect an official music video for “Amazing” soon?

At the moment I’ve developed the concept of my lyric video [which is a pop-art edition of] “Amazing”.  I’ve written a blog on my website that explains the idea behind the lyric video – so I’m not sure if I would want to create anything much further with “Amazing” just yet.  I am wanting to get the next single out and see what [happens].  I definitely have music video ideas for my next single release though.

Watch the lyric video for “Amazing” below.