Adventure Man releases new album, Dog Daze

Photo by Allison Martin and Mark Welvering.

Photo by Allison Martin and Mark Welvering.

This past Friday, Adventure Man (aka Gad De Combes), released a whimsical new album titled Dog Daze. We spoke to De Combes about the album and its interesting canine-related themes.

You recently released a new single called “Let’s Stay Home.” In your opinion, does the track’s sound differ much from your previous releases?
For the first time, we didn’t go out of our way to make the drums sound real, and we focused a lot on synth sounds, which was never a focus before. It’s the first song we recorded with a female voice as well!

The video for “Let’s Stay Home” is very colourful and eye-catching. What was the inspiration behind the video’s concept?
It was conceptualized by Rick Joaquim and Alison Martin, we had almost no budget, but a very talented editor (Brian Mason) at our disposal, so everyone threw in every possible idea of what could work and the end result is pretty bonkers.

On 23 March, you released a  new album, Dog Daze. How have you experienced the recording process for the album?
It’s taken over a year to record, I had to find time to write and record between my other bands and work commitments. I got to work with some great people including Grassy Spark, Jon Shaban and my brother on some songs, and k feel like it’s gonna be worth the wait for everyone.

Do you have a personal favourite track from the album?
It changes every day! “Sorry Shaniqua” is a very special song about my pug, and “My Basenji” is a song I wrote with my brother about his former dog. It’s quite touching.


Cover art by Nicola and Michelle Smith.

The album’s cover art is also very vibrant. What made you decide to go with a drawn image instead of a photograph, for instance?
I love cartoons, and I love the idea of being a cartoon character. The girls who drew the artwork (Nicola and Michelle Smith) came up with this trippy landscape that I absolutely loved! I asked each member what they wanna be doing. Becca wanted to be a mermaid, and Cole wanted to be a Jedi.

How did the idea behind this vibrant album art come about?
[The artists] made it for fun and sent it to me on a whim! I loved it so much, I insisted we use it! We had some band member changes, so there were slight edits, but it was mostly the same.

Watch the video for “Let’s Stay Home” below: