A dusty chat with Jerry and the Bandits

Interview by Jessica Oosthuizen.

We caught up with Jerry, Kirstin and Jason from Jerry and the Bandits after their show at Oppikoppi. They had a phenomenal show at Oppikoppi and a new album is on the horizon.

Did you enjoy your set and the crowd at the festival?

It was actually our best show yet. The crowd was amazing and people just kept on coming to watch us.

You recently released your first music video. What was your experience shooting it and what has the response been?

It was cool, it was our first video and it was shot by UJ (University of Johannesburg) students, [it was] very like last minute and we were like, “Yes! We’ve never done a music video, let’s do one, for free, you know, that would be great.” Because it’s our first music video we thought about doing that doll house, introducing each band member and the characteristics of each band member.

You guys have had quite a busy gig schedule since August and played all over South Africa. Which shows have stood out for you?

This one (Oppikoppi), definitely, geez like! It was great, we didn’t expect such a big crowd – people just came out of everywhere, they like crawled out of the bushes (laughs), it was amazing. Also, last year when we played at the Botanical Gardens in Durban – that was amazing, Splashy Fen is always a good one. White Mountain was also great – basically all the festivals (laughs). All the festivals are always so much fun because there are so many people there. The Dullstroom Country Festival was also very, very cool, the people there are so nice. We love playing festivals because of that energy and vibe of the audience and we like to travel.

Your music spans a range of genres, what do you guys draw inspiration from?

The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Shakey Graves. I’ve (Jerry) recently got some inspiration from The Avett Brothers and we also love The Dead South. Also local bands, like Jeremy Loops, one of our favourite local bands at the moment is Charlie Finch. And Georgetown. But anyway, let’s carry on (laughs).

What you currently working on?

We’ve got an album that we’re working on. We’re not sure when it’s going to be released, but we’ve got like four songs that we’re playing already on stage. Hopefully we can have it done by early/mid next year. We’d love to get it done now (laughs), but there are time constraints.